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Stopped thinking about my feet…

I don’t have to worry about my socks twisting my toes or slipping on the bar at all anymore so I can now concentrate on my breathing more fully. Can’t say enough good things about them. I have the coral/red, white and black. I want the blue but….You can wash with soap and water and a soft toothbrush or roll them in the washing machine. I just got the coral and black ones. I’ve been wearing the white ones for about three or four months and this is how good they look like a little cleanup after. Much easier than keeping track of my socks ;-).

Love My Barreletics!

I love these grippy shoes for Pilates! They have a great grip on the reformer and don't slip like socks can sometimes. I purchased a pair after seeing them on my Pilates instructor. Got the coral color in large. Great fit and they are so easy to clean. To me, it means not having to purchase socks and so the expense of Barreletics is worth the savings in the long run. Had lots of inquiries about them when I wore them to class so perhaps more will be purchasing.

Great quality and service

Love the quality of the yoga pant and was especially pleased with the customer service and responsiveness to my inquiries.

Better than gripper socks

These are my second pair of Barreletics.
I find that my grip and balance are much better with these skins. I do reformer Pilates along with Trx Suspension classes and these do the trick!.

Good grip!

Great grip from the shoes! Comfortable and light to travel with!

I've Been Waiting for these!

Wonderfully soft and supportive, these are well-made pants.
I love the look and the feel and they feel like they will last for a long time.
In a world with so much BS and cheap stuff, this comes as a real delight. And the design makes them stand out.


After taking my first few classes in pilates, I found this footwear to be quite reliable and enjoyable to wear. The design is unique and easy to maintain.

Comfortable and moves well

This workout top is soft and moves well. Looks great on!

Best Pilate Shoes Ever!

Love these little slip ons. They're ever so much better/safer than Pilate socks and look great too!

Love 'Em!

I love them! The gripping footwear really does make a difference on the yoga mat. Even though it was "okay enough" without the shoes, now that I've used them a few times, it would be strange not to have them. They give a security blanket effect; everything just feels better with them versus without them! I highly recommend Barreletics footwear for anything that you'd otherwise do barefoot. Please make them for hands!

Love these for Pilates!

Absolutely love these for my daily Pilates class! It’s all grip! Unlike the Pilates socks with the little dots of grip on the sole, these make sure you do not slide! I’ve got them in 3 colors and just rotate them. Cleaning is a snap too.

Best Skins

Before wearing Barreletics barre skins I was using “ grip” socks. Those socks never gave me any support or stability. However the Barreletics barre skins are amazing! They provide support and such grip! I never slide. I was also getting some toe pain because of lack of support but with these the pain is gone. I highly recommend these skins!

Get a grip!!

Hello every Barre, Pilates and Mat athlete. Buy these today!
I am an avid Pilates participant, since (1998) I have suited up in barefeet, and/or with grip socks. However, these two options have failed to give me a true grip and has often left me out of balance. I purchased four of your (med) barreletics grip sock, and OMG!!! 😳 what a huge difference, I mean a total mind blowing 🤯 difference. I have had the best classes since I started wearing your socks. Thank you so very much for creating this wonderful product, they are comfortable, cool and more important totally functional.

Why Didn't I Know About these before!!!

I rotate between Pilates and Barre with occasionally yoga classes in the mix. I can't express how much the Barreletics grippy skins have improved my ability to simply get way more out of my practice. When in Barre I am always slipping and always adjusting my socks!!! It's such a waste of time. It already takes effort to make time to workout; when I do, I want to give it my all! When working out with socks I get a fraction of the workout compared to my bareletics. It's so simple. My mind becomes free, my body moves into pose and I am focused on being present. This tool has filled a void.Treat yourself to a pair!

Nothing Like them

I use these on my boat and for other barefoot activity around the lake. They are truly “better than barefoot”. No more hot surfaces and excellent protection with grip. I don’t like to wear boat shoes and flip flops are dangerous. I am so thrilled and can’t wait until my grey pair arrives!

My favorite water shoe!

I live In a warm climate and my workout consists of running on the beach every morning and a little session of yoga. I used to do it barefoot till I saw these things pop up on my feed. I now have a protective barrier between my feet and potential hazards on the sand, like shells.
I have the In Studio version as well for my barre class and I love them over wearing gross socks.
Love love love!

Really Really Nice!

Like the others, the pant quality blew me away. Does everything you want a quality yoga pant to do. Fits great and just an excellent fabric. One of my new favorites. Highly recommend.

Bought my second pair!

I absolutely love these! These solved all the problems that a sock cannot and more. Thank you for such a great invention.

Super High End Fabric and Quality

I can't say enough that the value for these pants are phenomenal. Often times when spending money on expensive yoga pants, I feel a bit let down. Not this time. The fabric is truly luxurious as the website describes. The founder Stefanie took the time to answer pre-order questions which in itself is unheard of. Not only are they super comfy and are not transparent but as others mention the knee helps. Its just enough to not feel bulky but assist when my knees require a little added comfort. Can wait until more colors come out! Highly recommend.

Exceeded my expectation!

I was super excited when my Barreletics Yoga Pants arrived! The quality is amazing! No see-through material here. I love the feel and the four-way stretch plus the added reinforcement at the knee helped alleviate my knee pain when working out on the yoga mat. It gave me a little extra cushion between me and the mat.

Love these socks.

I have small feet and the traditional grip socks are a hindrance to my workout. I ordered the kids size. They fit great. Very comfortable and helps my balance by helping the grip. Are a must. Ordering more


bought "In Studio" Performance Skins as a Christmas gift and it was a super hit. Could not be happier with the service & the product.

I order it twice and i will order it again

I ordered 2 pairs before and noticed the second pair was much better in quality than the first one
Anyways both good and I really loved them
So i will order the 3rd soon

Christmas present

Haven't opened Christmas presents yet


I wear Pilates socks for 2 hours a day. I had become accustomed to the reformer straps slipping, the bar on the chair being an “almost” grip and the TRX handles rolling down to my ankles during planks. I thought it was just the way it had to be.

I saw these shoes and thought that they were too good to be true. OMG!!! The results are out of this world. Nothing slips! I can hold my plank without adjusting the handles, the chair bar during bridges held tight and the straps on the reformer were on spot. I tell EVERYONE that asks just how amazing these shoes are. I can’t wait to try them out in yoga!

I wear size 9 and 9.5 shoes and ordered a LARGE.

Melissa Chávez
55 year old Yoga instructor and Pilates Fanatic!!