Why I created the best Barre and Pilates Footwear!

It seemed so simple to understand the Yoga Sock is a complete failure...

Barre is one of the best workouts for the female body.  It’s a combination of Yoga meets Pilates meets Ballet; all of which elongate your muscles, creating a long, lean body.  Imagine throwing in repetitive ballet moves, targeting muscle groups you have never activated. 

How does this change your body? I noticed immediate results in muscle tone and strength that I could never accomplish with other workouts.

As a Barre practitioner, one of the most difficult things to achieve is proper grip and footing. I was unable to maximize my workout while constantly slipping. The only available option was to wear a “sock”, but it did not provide the grip or support I needed.

The most challenging move we all talk about in Barre is the “flat back chair” pose. It consists of squatting like you are sitting in a chair with a perfectly straight back, hands holding on to the ballet bar creating resistance only supported by your feet. Well, as you can imagine, a sock cannot provide the support of this oppositional pose when slipping.

Improve your in-studio workout with footwear that changes everything. Barre and Pilates Shoes thatreplace your crappy yoga socks. Pilates socks have no grip, barre socks slip and yoga socks are for your sneakers. Grip shoes not grip socks.

Barreletics "In-Studio" Performance Skin Grippy Shoe

One evening after class, I began to research the use of silicone, figuring this would allow optimum grip and support. My first non slip shoe was created from a sleeve I peeled off a water bottle and cut up for my first prototype. The next morning I experienced the best Barre workout of any previous class to date.

At that moment, I was destined to create a non-slip, non-silicon, antimicrobial, flexible, yet supportive shoe for Barre, Yoga and Pilates!


 If you are looking to get more out of your Barre workouts and spend less time coming in and out of position because your foot keeps slipping, check out the In-Studio Performance Skin and start getting more out of your workouts. 

Let Us Knock Your Socks off! Made in USA!