Tired of slipping in your yoga socks?

I started taking barre a while back and found every time I wore a yoga sock it was more of a nuisance than helpful. I spent more time adjusting my yoga socks, rather than losing myself in the practice.

My goal was to explore my workout, improve my strength, but above all be present during a hectic workweek. I could never achieve it! When barefoot, I was constantly having to move my during flat back chair or not having the comfort of my feet being on the mat while planking. The constant adjustment is disruptive and diminishes the precious time I carved out for my workout.

While the yoga socks are great for walking around my house, they serve no purpose in a workout and practicing barefoot had its drawbacks as mentioned. What to do?

Naturally, I was Google searching any term I could think of to find a product with support, ease to put on, grip, wash ability and honestly an aesthetic. I spent hours coming up with the same choices...a sock, a neoprene variation of a sock or contraption that was equally useless and expensive to try.

After weeks passed, my frustration lead me to look one more time and found the ultimate answer or at least what looked like a viable solution. The Barreletics "In-Studio" Performance Skin! Grippy Shoe.

When it arrived, I was so excited. Not only did it look as good as it did in the picture, but it was super comfortable, well designed and actually exceeded the quality I expected. 

I have been wearing this shoe for over a year and is still like brand new. I put it in my dishwasher or washing machine to clean up and can take them anywhere when on the road traveling which eliminates the need for a yoga mat if I wear the Barreletics padded knee yoga pant.

I will chime back in to give more insight, but I asked Stefanie the founder of Barreletics if I could write a quick expert to share my experience. I feel that others will share the same sediment and I felt compelled to contribute to a truly useful tool that changed my practice.

Andrew (men for barre!)

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