My Quest to create the best Barre sock replacment...

A New Design to forever change Barre Socks

If you've ever taken a barre class, you know that barre socks are a thing. And if you've ever tried to use a yoga sock in a barre class, you know that they're not always the best solution. In fact, I tried every yoga sock brand on the market from ToeSox to Nike Studio Wraps and they both failed me! 


Barreletics - Specialized Footwear & Apparel For Barre | Pilates | Yoga | Aquatic  MADE IN USA! Replace usless Yoga Socks.
Which Looks better to you? Nike (wilted) Studio Wrap vs Barreletics Performance Skin After Four Months of wear. 


They all claimed to have the best grip so you could hold your pose in barre, yoga and Pilates, but all fell apart when it came down to attempting side plank or flat back chair pose at the bar.   At that moment; in barre class and 6 months in to my practice the idea popped into my head - why don’t I create a Performance Skin in multiple colors thats stretchy and grippy and conforms to your foot like a second skin with all over grip and support that a Yoga Sock just can't offer!

Just like that the idea was born!  I had my first prototype that night after peeling a silicone sleeve off of a water bottle, cut it up to fit my foot and the very next morning I wore it to Barre Class.  I knew that I was about to create a Game Changer in the industry.  At that very moment I was going to create the Best Barre, Yoga and Pilates Sock on the Planet that would put all the others to shame!

Check out the Barreletics difference!


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