Supportive Footwear for Water Aerobic Workouts plus Proper Nutrition

Fueling With Proper Foods

We all know that eating healthy is important, but it's even more critical when you're an aquatic athlete. Eating the right foods will help give you energy for your workout and improve your performance in the water.  If you're looking for ways to improve your water aerobics workout, one strategy is to focus on your diet. Eating foods that provide energy can help you feel more energetic and enthusiastic during your session. By contrast, consuming foods that are low in energy can make you feel sluggish and tired. In this post, we'll discuss some of the best foods to eat before working out in the water. 

I recently watched a Live event with Dr. Josh Axe where he talks about eating a combination of Protein + Fiber + Fats + Nutrients to help supply your body with the proper fuel needed to create more energy for working out. Healthy Protein Shakes packed with super foods in the morning is a way to get the above combination all in one place. Protein, fiber, healthy fats and nutrients are all essential for creating energy and power for working out. Protein helps to build and repair muscle, fiber provides slow burning sustainable energy, healthy fats help to burn fat and absorb essential vitamins and minerals needed for cellular function and helping the body to recover from exercise. Protein shakes are a convenient way to get all of these things in one place, without weighing you down and they taste great.  Swimming is a great form of exercise, but it can be tough to get into the pool with the same level of energy you have for other workouts. Luckily, there are some super foods that can give you the boost you need. Here are the best options to consume before an aquatic workout:

-Matcha Green Tea:  Whether you’re looking for an energy boost to power through your workout or simply trying to increase your daily antioxidant intake, matcha green tea is a great choice. With three times the amount of antioxidants of regular green tea, matcha delivers a potent dose of health benefits. So try incorporating this healthy beverage into your diet and see how it makes a difference.  I love adding a teaspoon of the powder to my smoothie for added energy!

-Bananas: this fruit is full of potassium and natural sugars that can give you sustained energy. 

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Because the fruit's sugar content is balanced with fiber, it helps maintain a healthy blood glucose level. Even people with diabetes can enjoy a banana, according to the American Diabetes Association. This wealth of nutrients makes bananas a “superfood” that should be an integral part of your healthy daily regimen.
-Healthy Fats:  
What fats are good for energy?
Omega-3s and 6s are important and are oftentimes referred to as essential fatty acids (EFAs).
Polyunsaturated fats can be found in:
  • Sunflower, sesame, and pumpkin seeds.
  • Flaxseed.
  • Walnuts.
  • Coconut Milk
  • Chia Seeds

and would be a great addition to your SuperFoods Smoothie.

*Its always recommended to wait 30 minutes to an hour after eating  before jumping into the pool for your workout!


Amp Your Performance With Aquatic Footwear

Now that you know whats good for you on the inside, don't forget to take care of your outside.   Slipping and sliding in your workout shoes can be dangerous and frustrating. Not to mention, it can take away from the focus you need to have during your water aerobics session. That’s why we recommend investing in a good pair of water shoes that will keep you safe and help you get the most out of your water workout. What type of water shoes are you wearing? Are they helping or hindering your progress? 


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