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Amazing shoes for Pilates

I was constantly buying Pilates socks and they constantly lost grip to the point I would fall off the foot bar. These shoes are amazing and have a great grip and I feel secure when using the reformer.

Great for Pilates

The ideal pilates shoe! Great for grip and maintaining balance on the reformer. I love them!

I’m enjoying these Barreletics. They are very comfortable and easy to keep clean. Work great in Pilates.

Improved my Pilates practice

I have to say my bridging on the Pilates reformer has improved remarkably with the barreletics foot wear! It took a couple classes to get use to the fit but the grip is incredible! I ordered a large per recommendation which work well but I think a medium may work better. Love them!

The best Barre foot ware ever!

I have spent years with gripper socks that slip in plank, chair and a variety of other positions. These do NOT slip ever! Now I can concentrate on my workout not my socks!

Ordered multiple

I have a size 5.5 narrow foot, customer service was great when I was trying to figure out what size to order. The colors matter when it comes to sizing.

Grippy and colorful

I found these to have great grip and they fit well enough. I was nervous about my feet sweating while I was working out, but that did not happen. Based on the suggestion, I ordered the large( 8 with. Wide foot), but I think I could have gotten away with a medium. Will order a medium next. Thank you!

Shipping as promised ,fit is as suggested

Nicely sticky

These are the right amount of stickiness for a pilates workout. You feel like you can get into the correct position and not worry about a sock slipping.

So much better!

These are fabulous for Pilates when you can’t go barefoot. So much less slippy than grippy or toe socks. Comfortable, easy to clean, and they help you feel safe during advanced moves. I bought these on a classmate’s recommendation - she said hers have lasted almost 2 years with regular use, and mine feel equally high quality.

Finally something substantial

My love hate relationship with the sock has finally come to a ceremonial end!!! The vast improvement during the first minute of barre class, with my new barreletics performance skin shoes, is beyond words. It's as if i was climbing a mountain barefoot and stumbled upon a new invention called a hiking boot. My practice is now all about how much I am willing to put into my workout and not fixing a sock the entire class that does nothing anyway...

Material is so nice

Hello. The top is perfect and couldn't ask for a better value. It's top quality and feels super transparent and airy. It wicks great and washes without pilling. I highly recommend..

Super cozy

I was surprised how nice the shirt was when it arrived. It's super comfy during class, wicking moisture. I wanted something super light- the material and cut makes the shirt unnoticeable. Compared to other brands I purchased, its a far cheaper hidden gem.

Significant difference.

Both my barre and Pilates class took a 360. It’s crazy how the lack of good footwear has been non existent. The improvement of my workout is astounding on multiple levels without wasting time and money wearing socks. Not only the cost of the sock, the cost of time lost in class and the measurable waste of athletic energy without grip, support and balance. I am 100% hooked!!


After almost 3 Years at Pilates these Shoes have been a Game changer this past Week 🙌🏻

Best Pilates shoes. No more slipping with socks on. The grip is amazing . Just bought my second pair because I love the colors!!

Better than socks!

Really grippy, comfortable fit and super cute!
Your feet will sweat in them though, I recommend using a foot powder.

Best Pilates shoes

I have purchased 6 different grippy socks and nothing has preformed the way I wanted. A friend in class had the grippy shoes and I tried them and will never use another sock again. Wonderful.

Love these shoes

These grippy shoes are amazing. I work out in my home on carpet without shoes. I was having difficulty with some of the exercises because I felt like I was slipping on the carpet. My friend and I bought these hoping they would help give us more stability. They work so great. They are designed very well and provide support for my archless foot. I also am looking forward to trying them in Costa Rica. I have a home there with wood floors. I don't use shoes on the floors to protect them, but I am so excited to use these. I'm going to buy another pair.

Great for plantar fasciitis

I tried these grip shoes in my Lagree megaformer class. They were comfortable, hugs my feet, and no plantar fasciitis pain! I can’t believe I waited so long to get them. Definitely buy 2 or more!

So helpful for yoga

These shoes became my number one for yoga exercises. They are very helpful in many poses due to their grip with different surfaces. Highly recommend them.

Best Grip

I love using these for Pilates. They are comfortable and grip so I don't slip. I use them in place of the required Pilates socks and am so happy I got them!

Love ‘em.

These barreletics are great. I used them for the first time and I had no slipping or sliding on our carpet or wood floor while doing my Pilates. Great fit. Now my husband would like a pair. He has a birthday coming up so I am going to get him a pair. He does Pilates with me.

Stopped thinking about my feet…

I don’t have to worry about my socks twisting my toes or slipping on the bar at all anymore so I can now concentrate on my breathing more fully. Can’t say enough good things about them. I have the coral/red, white and black. I want the blue but….You can wash with soap and water and a soft toothbrush or roll them in the washing machine. I just got the coral and black ones. I’ve been wearing the white ones for about three or four months and this is how good they look like a little cleanup after. Much easier than keeping track of my socks ;-).

Love My Barreletics!

I love these grippy shoes for Pilates! They have a great grip on the reformer and don't slip like socks can sometimes. I purchased a pair after seeing them on my Pilates instructor. Got the coral color in large. Great fit and they are so easy to clean. To me, it means not having to purchase socks and so the expense of Barreletics is worth the savings in the long run. Had lots of inquiries about them when I wore them to class so perhaps more will be purchasing.