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Really a game changing MUST-BUY for anyone in Barre, Ballet, Pilates, or Yoga!

I will never wear a crappy barre sock again! this is the best barre shoe I have ever used and absolutely worth the price.
I am a 6.5 wide with flat feet and a lot of foot pain. I LOVE barre classes but I HATE the requirement of wearing barre socks, which (even if I get a small size) always slide around over my feet when I do lunges, curtsies, or second position, or really anything at all. I am always stopping to adjust them, put them back on my feet, regulating my movements so I don't slide out of them, etc. and worst of all, they're hot.
These barreletics are cool on my feet, letting them breathe. they are really cool looking and I love the blue. they provide so much grip I can really dig into deep lunges and positions. I couldn't believe how much better my first barre workout was with these new barreletics, how much more I could push myself. AND they actually have effective padding underneath, so the balls of my feet hurt much less while doing lunges and releve. so they actually helped my foot pain as well!
The only reason i'm taking off one star is because I believe they need a size small. I bought medium, and for the most part it is fine (and I will certainly be buying another pair). but they could be a little tighter and I do have to adjust them once or twice sometimes. but I will be buying these again, and I love that they are easy to clean. really wonderful, innovative product. Thank you!!

Love this footwear

This footwear is awesome and the owner Stefanie is as kind, helpful and hard working as you can get. If you want to support a small business with American roots then this is a great place to start. I have a pair of each style and while o am hoping they extend their sizes to include xl the large gives me just enough coverage for martial arts,barefoot jogging, and going from street, to beach and back. Great person, great product, you have a fan in me!

Does almost everything you could want

As a martial artists and avid barefoot/minimalist footwear enthusiast I was immediately intrigued by this extremely unique footwear. So, like any smart consumer I looked up reviews and contacted the company directly. Little did I know that I would end up being in a conversation with the companies owner. Stefanie , on top of having a great product was patient and kind enough to recommend the size and color that would work best for me. Once I made the order they arrived quickly and let me tell you they did not disappoint! I use these for martial arts (Tae Kwon Do) Zumba, and to go from the dojo floor to the shower. Sometimes I go strait from the dojo for a short run and they give me just enough protection without sacrificing ground feel. With a wonderful owner and a great product you will have a dan in me for a very long time

Excellent customer service!

I bought a medium in accordance with the size chart and a small rear developed. I contacted customer service and they promptly replaced them suggesting I go one size up. I did, and they are slightly big, but still work great. No more slipping during planking!!


I really loved it!
I’m size 5 US so i chose kids size and it fits a bit larger than my regular size but it was really good
I’m buying another pair soon

In Studio Performance Skins

Great fit and grip for Pilates Reformer classes. I have better control when my feet are on the reformer bar. I just love them!

I am a bare foot runner. I was looking for some cushioning and these certainly provided that for the bottoms of my feet. But I think the straps around the ankles need to be wider with more cushioning around the ankles. I put some soft socks under the ankle straps to keep the straps from rubbing and that worked!

More than you think

These skins are more than you think, not only do they help you stabilize your feet but help keep you grounded. I have issues with balance and with these skins I know I'm not going to slip even if I wobble a little🤣.

Grippier and cheaper than socks

Being a Pilates instructor I was going through grippy socks frequently. Socks tend to lose their grip easily after a few washes, yet a good brand is not cheap. I also hated wearing socks with separate toes as my toes would cramp, but my feet would slide around in the regular socks. Solution: Barreletics footwear. I've had mine for over a year and they are still as grippy as ever. My feet stay in place all the time - and I don't have to worry about my toes cramping.I can also wear regular thin socks underneath to keep my feet warm in the winter. They are also easy to clean - just wipe them down after every use!


These make my Lagree experience so much better! I can focus on the moves and engagement since I do not have to worry about adjusting them. I can also take class daily instead of waiting for grippy socks in the laundry! As someone with a narrow foot, I ordered my true size and did not size up as suggested. Glad I went with the Medium and not the Large even though I wear a Size 8 shoe.

Orthotics and yoga? Yes this is the way to make it work!

I found these online, and I thought, just maybe... YES! They allow me to wear my orthotics while doing yoga!
I hate that my pronated feet would make me struggle with balance poses. My feet are hyper-flexible, and the pronation leads to foot cramping, and knee pain as the other muscles try to make up for my flexibility. Most teachers frown on wearing shoes, so here is a way to have your support and work on all parts of the pose, not just trying to stand on one foot!

The next best thing, next to bare!

These shoes are by-far "The next best thing next to being barefoot" that i have found. And i've been searching as long as i've been a practicing member of the "BAREFOOT COMMUNITY", now counting over 10yrs!
I had recently stumbled onto some literature about a totally enclosed silicone shoe at twice the cost, twice as weird and twice the covering which negated the feeling of openess and "bare" feeling i am truly looking for!
As of now i am getting in the habit of wearing them, more so than i like, in as such as being forced to wear some sort of protection when entering a store or going out into our conformest community.

BTW: I refuse to wear shoes, as suggested by my back doctor, in 2008. Which ruins the alignment of ur spine, and changes how u walk also!
And no i will not agree to wear any rubber or hardplatform shoe, which does not feel good and is not good for ur body, from ur feet to ur head! I've purchased every kind of ergonomic, computer designed and optimized P.O.S.there is, known to man. And listen to me when i say "Everyone is not created equal when it comes to shoes!"
Walk around barefoot, 1 whole day, not just at ur home. Take it outside ur "common sense no shoe zone" and u will see what i mean!
As for me, Barreletics has a customer in me, for the immediate present and future!
Or at least until someone invents a better barefoot shoe, that also works like these do in any water or water associated activity!
THANK YOU Barreletics for giving me back my barefoot freedom!

Amazing shoes

Ideal for Pilates, planning to buy more in the future.!

Love Theses “Little Grippers”

As someone who works out barefoot for most of my exercise, these “little grippers” are so perfect. They don’t pinch anywhere and provide enough coverage on the bottom of my foot to prevent rug/floor burn. They are a bit hard to get on, but worth it.


Just what I was looking for! Perfect for a fusion class combining elements of barre, yoga, and pilates AND made in USA, sourced in USA, and created by a woman who made what she needed when she couldn't find it elsewhere. Thank you! Shoes are lightweight and clean easily, arrived quickly, and were beautifully packed.

Really Good!!!

I am extremely satisfied with my purchase.

Great looking and functional too!

I love the design of this footwear and the lively colors. They are comfortable on my feet and provide a smooth, yet non-skid foot covering for all sorts of work outs such as yoga and Pilates. I would not recommend them for dance or for martial arts where rotating is a major part of the footwork, however because in those motions there is a slight drag. Then again, these were not designed for those uses. I have not used them in a pool but I will because I think that they would be terrific for various exercise routines where the rough bottom of the pool can cause considerable wear and tear on the soles of the feet. If your major use will be aquatic, get that version, but they can be used interchangeably. Get a pair, you'll be happy with them.

Great footwear solution for barre and yoga

Yoga socks didn’t provide the footing desired. Barreletics shoe does. I feel secure, no slipping, with Yoga poses and barre moves. Actually even feels like it adds a bit of support for my foot.


Great for Pilates! Yep....socks are a thing of the past. I wear a size 11shoe and the Large ones were perfect. I’ll definitely order again!

So Comfortable

I love these. I do barre and Pilates classes 6 times a week and these are a game changer. Fantastic grip and flexibility. Soft and bendy that conform to your foot. Easy to clean too.


I no longer slip & get the support just like the product indicates. Clean with soap and water and stop wasting money on socks. I searched for at least a year and tried socks, toe socks, toe shoes, neoprene footies. Stefanie created the perfect solution that did not exist!! Thank you

Second Skin!

Love the comfort and the style! I made one mistake - I wore them out for a walk and they are hard to clean after being worn on blacktop. I will definetly wear them at the pool or beach and around the house, though :-)


The fabric and quality blew me away. Compared to my LuLu and Alo, these stacked right up and beyond in their own way. The knee has just enough padding to eliminate the pain points and allows me to focus without having to lose focus on protecting myself. It’s built in. Highly recommend.

Great for Pilates

Soooo much better than socks! Easier to clean also, never will I go back to socks!!!


Forget washing socks and fiddling with them during your workout. Great investment.