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So Comfortable

I love these. I do barre and Pilates classes 6 times a week and these are a game changer. Fantastic grip and flexibility. Soft and bendy that conform to your foot. Easy to clean too.


I no longer slip & get the support just like the product indicates. Clean with soap and water and stop wasting money on socks. I searched for at least a year and tried socks, toe socks, toe shoes, neoprene footies. Stefanie created the perfect solution that did not exist!! Thank you


The fabric and quality blew me away. Compared to my LuLu and Alo, these stacked right up and beyond in their own way. The knee has just enough padding to eliminate the pain points and allows me to focus without having to lose focus on protecting myself. It’s built in. Highly recommend.

Great for Pilates

Soooo much better than socks! Easier to clean also, never will I go back to socks!!!


Forget washing socks and fiddling with them during your workout. Great investment.

I love my skins! My foot and ankle stability is stronger because of the grip. Loving these for my Pilates class.


I used to be in Barre socks everyday for at least 2-3 hours at a time! The robber bottoms would wear off within 2-3 weeks and got tired of slipping during my classes plus spending so much money on socks! Once I bought a pair of performance skins, I knew I would never buy socks to teach class in again! No more slipping and no more wasting money! They’re also very easy to clean! I’ll be buying another pair soon to have more color options :-)

Great for barre

I just started barre and was looking for something to prevent slipping. What a great product. Easy to wash and helped my performance so I could focus on my work out rather than slipping.

Kids at the Pool

I purchased these for my kids to wear around the pool. They protect their feet and they don’t slip!
Plus they are super cool looking!

Excellent for Paddle boarding!

I’ve been looking for something to paddle board in and these things are perfect on and off the board.
I love them!
5 stars and then some